Thermal Protection Systems

Team i3 has extensive experience in the development and transition of state of the art Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) technology coupled with complex physics-based material response modeling to support flight system design.ablatives-high-temperature-materials

Propulsion Technology

Team i3 has over 30 years of experience in design and analysis of propulsion system technology to include characterization of internal flow field thermal environments, motor/nozzle thermostructural design, material response, as well as static motor test, instrumentation, and flight demonstration.

Seeker Windows and Domes

Team i3 has significant experience in system development of high performance infrared windows/domes and radomes supporting supersonic to hypersonic missiles requiring state of the art seeking systems. rf-ir-window-dome-technology

Ground Test and Evaluation

Team i3 personnel have been conducting ground test and evaluation coupled to M&S validation supporting DoD and NASA flight system designs since the 1970s addressing TPS, seeker windows/dome, composite airframes, propulsion technology, and weather survivability. aero_structural_img

Flight Test Demonstration

Team i3 conducts system development from basic research through flight test and evaluation to support transition of state of the art and enabling technologies for DoD and NASA as well as commercial applications.



Weather Encounter

Team i3 has been conducting weather encounter R&D since the 1960s addressing multiple particulates to include rain, snow, ice, dust, sand, volcanic ash, and lightning strike to provide an understanding of survivability to support launch commit decisions for flight test and operational systems.


  • Aerothermal Design Tools
    • Aeroheating and Thermal Analysis Code (ATAC)
    • AeroTPS (ATAC+Thermal Desktop)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Data Parallel Line Relaxation Full Navier Stokes (DPLR)
    • LOCI-Chem
  • CAD/Design
    • Solid Works
    • ProE Creo
  • Finite Element Tools
    • ABAQUS
    • ANSYS
    • Pointwise
    • Hypermesh
  • Design Optimization/ Visualization
    • Altair
    • Tecplot