In 2010, i3 team members established a charitable organization called the i3 Cares Foundation. i3 believes our business is fully integrated with the people that we serve and stands ready to open handedly supply the needs of these people in both the local and global communities in the areas of education, community development, raising awareness and improving quality of life. i3 Cares has supported many worthy causes and continues to show kindness to those in need. A few of these causes include: i3 Cares Annual Big Give; a Christmas initiative supporting families and organizations; Manna House, 22 Until None, Downtown Rescue Mission, Sonny Hereford Elementary, Tut Fann Veterans Home & local law enforcement. i3 Cares routinely supports families following disaster-related events, medical needs, deployed soldiers of i3 families, local school support and much more!

Giving Back

i3 Cares Vision

Our vision is to invest, inspire and integrate with our community through volunteering, education, and community development while improving the quality of life.







  • Miles Walked For Awareness


A message from i3 Cares President, Jamie King

As I look back on the last decade, it is remarkable how much we have accomplished, not only in terms of financial distributions, but in our steadfast dedication to invest and help our communities and its people. Each year we develop more relationships and volunteer initiatives that serve underprivileged children, veterans, first responders, technology and overall quality of life. We are committed and exist to serve our fellow man and enhance the communities in which we live. Looking forward to the next 10 years and the impacts we will be able to make across the globe!

i3 Cares Main Focus Areas

Underprivileged Children

i3 Cares connects industry and our community with underprivileged children to provide them the opportunity for continued success in life and education.


i3 Cares empowers and enlightens youth to envision a positive future and brighter tomorrow through exposure of technology and leading edge capabilities including robotics, rocketry and cyber forensics.

Veterans & First Responders

i3 Cares supports our veterans, first responders, and their families who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country and its citizens. We are here to serve these heroes with dignity and compassion and ensure they receive the care, support, and recognition earned in service of this nation and its communities.

Quality of Life & Boots on the Ground

i3 Cares provides opportunities for team members to actively participate in our community through various volunteer events. These events strengthen our bond with the community and display our commitment to helping those in need through action.

i3 Cares Board of Directors

The i3 Cares Board of Directors consists of i3 team members that volunteer their time to improve our many i3 communities. The Board of Directors is responsible for coordinating, promoting, and volunteering at i3 Cares events, along with advocating and advancing the i3 Cares Mission through fundraising, allocating funds, raising awareness, and recruiting team member participation.
  • Jamie King
    President and Chairwoman
    Jamie King
    President and Chairwoman

    Jamie King has a passion and unbridled enthusiasm for helping people and serving her community. She has been involved with i3 Cares since 2018 and now serves as the President and Chairwoman. Jamie is responsible for revamping the strategy and fundraising efforts for i3 Cares to expand across the nation helping and serving even more people. She believes in the mission of making a difference while making a living!

  • Elise Yarnell
    Vice President
    Elise Yarnell
    Vice President

    Elise Yarnell has been on the i3 Cares Board of Directors since February 2015. She served as the Treasurer for 4 years and is now serving as Vice President of the Board. Elise is one of our longest standing members. Her special interests are supporting the St. Jude Affiliate Clinic in Huntsville and finding a cure for Rett Syndrome.

  • Stacey Nelson
    Stacey Nelson

    Stacey Nelson has been a member of the i3 Cares Board since the beginning of 2018. She is now serving her second year as the Treasurer on our Board of Directors. Since Stacey's background is in Accounting, she really enjoys overseeing the organization's financials and loves seeing how big of an impact we are making in the community.

  • Brianna Martratt
    Brianna Martratt

    With a former background in non-profit, Brianna was eager to join our i3 Cares Board of Directors in November 2018, which was just less than a month after joining our i3 Family, to make a difference in the communities our i3 team members serve in. She thoroughly enjoys supporting underserved children and families, and has a big heart for our veterans and special needs individuals in Huntsville. She is the Secretary on our Board of Directors and is one of the main leads and organizers for our annual Big Give event.

  • Cedric Reid
    Board Member
    Cedric Reid
    Board Member

    Cedric has been on our i3 Cares Board of Directors since January 2015. He is a former Chairman and continues to serve at a high capacity in a variety of roles. He is known for his “Two Men and a Truck” efforts in getting furniture to local families in need, leading Bingo efforts at Tut Fann Veterans Homes, and assisting Huntsville City’s homeless school-age children and their families. As a veteran himself, he is passionate about all-things veteran related and, in general, anyone needing assistance within our community.

  • Brad Herman
    Board Member
    Brad Herman
    Board Member

    Brad Herman is our Boots on the Ground quadrant lead for i3 Cares and has been on the Board of Directors since 2018. He is the i3 Cares liaison with Lincoln Village/Lincoln Academy and is passionate about working with people to better their lives.

  • Cole Bodine
    Board Member
    Cole Bodine
    Board Member

    Cole started out as an Ambassador in January 2019 and eventually transitioned into a Board Member in May 2019. He has helped lead initiatives such as the Veteran Farmer's Conference at Wallace State Community College, as well as events with 305 8th Street. Cole is most passionate about assisting local veterans and first-responders.

  • Laura Patrick
    Board Member
    Laura Patrick
    Board Member

    Laura Patrick is our Veteran & First Responder quadrant lead for i3 Cares, and has been on the Board of Directors since 2017. She has been committed to assisting our veterans, first responders, and their families for over 10 years.

    “Their willingness to risk their lives on a daily basis to protect our community and make it a better place makes them some of the most deserving of our time and effort”. – Laura Patrick

  • Maurice Webb
    Board Member
    Maurice Webb
    Board Member

    Maurice P. Webb serves as our Underprivileged Children’s quadrant lead for i3 Cares, and has been on the Board of Directors since 2014. He has a passion for serving all underprivileged people that could use a helping hand. Maurice believes in giving back to the communities that have given him so much over the years.

  • Katie Yenigun
    Board Member
    Katie Yenigun
    Board Member

    Katie first began with i3 Cares as an Ambassador in 2019, where she championed efforts for the Huntsville Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit alongside the Melissa George Foundation to help raise $9,000. Besides helping underserved children, Katie also has a passion for helping veterans. She has been a member of the i3 Cares Board of Directors since January 2020.

  • Adam Reed
    Board Member
    Adam Reed
    Board Member

    Adam started out as an i3 Cares Ambassador in late 2019, and then joined the Board of Directors in February 2020. As an Ambassador and Board Member, he has lead several initiatives for families in the New Hope community located in southern Madison County where his family lives. Adam is most passionate about serving all underprivileged individuals and families.

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