i3 Corporation announced today that funding supporting two programs for which the company advocated was included in the 2021 Defense Appropriations bill that was part of an Omnibus Appropriations package passed by Congress this week.

“i3 Corporation has been a longtime advocate for funding for the U.S. Army research and development and we would like to thank Senator Richard Shelby for securing funding for the Hypersonic and Strategic Materials and Structures Center of Excellence and the Army Aviation AI Virtual Training Environments,” said Rich Kretzschmar, President of i3 Corporation.  “Senator Shelby’s support of Army research and development efforts has been critical to advancing technologies required for Army modernization.  His advocacy and tireless support of the programs that help defend our nation, support our warfighters and provide jobs in north Alabama has been invaluable and we are grateful for his leadership.” 

The $10 million in funding for Hypersonic and Strategic Materials and Structures Center of Excellence will continue ongoing efforts to fully characterize the unique materials used in hypersonic weapon system design and development.  Test results will augment a National material property database to serve as a design resource for U.S. Government and industry partners involved in hypersonic weapon system development.  The research will cement the state of Alabama as a true Center of Excellence for hypersonic and strategic material research, aerothermal protection system design, development and manufacturing and significantly enhance the skilled labor available for future hypersonic weapon system development.

The $5 million in funding for the Army Aviation AI Virtual Training Environments program will leverage ongoing design and development efforts in interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) applications to expand the Army Aviation Virtual Training Suite (AVTS).  The AVTS addresses Army Aviation’s critical training needs by providing single-location training support to Aviators, Instructor Pilots, Maintenance Test Pilot, Aviation Maintenance Technician, and Maintainers.

i3 Corporation, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, was founded in 2007.  Our core competencies include Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare, Interactive Training, Software Engineering and Weapon System Engineering and Integration. 

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