NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) presents i3 Flight Engineer with Extra Mile Award

Integration Innovation, Inc. (i3) is pleased to announce that Brian Elit, a Flight Engineer at i3, was presented the Extra Mile Award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) on May 12, 2014. David McBride, the Center Director for Armstrong Flight Research Center, stated, “the DC-8 crew experienced a dual-engine flameout on engines 1 and 4, while executing an ACCESS II test project at FL 350. The crew averted possible secondary effects while they descended to attempt restarts on the failed engines. A restart of one of the two engines was successful, and the aircraft was recovered safely without damage at the Palmdale Plant 42 Airport. Timely and accurate actions prevented further risk to the five crew members, not to mention damage to an invaluable test research aircraft. Thanks for a job well done!”

i3 is a major subcontractor on the NASA contract providing aircraft operations support services at both Edwards AFB and Palmdale, California. i3 provides the pilots and other flight crews to provide AFRC flight operations support at both the Edwards AFB and Palmdale facilities.

Todd Daggett, i3’s Operations and Training Services lead for this contract also commented, “It is quite an honor to be associated with such skilled and experienced aircrew team members such as Brian. His professionalism and courage-under-fire are a testament to all the i3 men and women who provide such dedicated service to NASA.

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