Adam Kingsborough

Virtual Training, Simulation, and Gaming (VTSG) Business Unit Lead

Adam Kingsborough is our Virtual Training, Simulation, and Gaming (VTSG) Business Unit Lead, responsible for its P&L, operations, and business growth for all actives within the BU. Since 2017, VTSG has grown from two team members to over 80 with customers across the services including TRADOC, AMRDEC, PEO-Aviation, PEO-IEW&S, and AFSOC.

Adam’s professional experience includes 20 years of senior and business management roles with a professional study of the visual arts with major emphasis in digital and interactive media.  Prior to joining i3, Adam was with Camber Corporation serving as the Director and overall Program Manager for their Modeling, Simulation, & Training Division (MSTD) at the FT Bragg, NC and Huntsville, AL locations.  His primary responsibilities included operations management, new business pursuits, capture, and program management.  He has over 18 years’ experience in all phases of M&S, Serious Games, and IMI, including program management, analysis, design, development, quality assurance, configuration management, testing, delivery, and sustainment.

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media from The Pennsylvania State University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). He lives in Madison, AL with his wife Emily and their three children George, Henry, and Etta Ray.

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