i3 provides comprehensive C5ISR and Battle Command systems engineering, integration, and analysis support. We are a recognized provider of analytical and engineering services in support of Combat Systems, Training Systems, and distributed Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Training Systems.

  • Intelligence

    i3 Huachuca Training and Support Contract (HTASC) team conducts the training for U.S. Army MOS 35N course at Goodfellow Air Force Base. This course qualifies Soldiers to become Signals Intelligence Analyst. Signals intelligence analysts are like the ears of the Army, listening for foreign communications and producing intelligence reports based on what they discover. Soldiers in this MOS identify targets, maintain databases, work on camouflage and recovery of surveillance systems, and prepare both technical and tactical intelligence reports based on their findings.

    Our HTASC team also conducts joint training at Ft Huachuca for the Joint HUMINT Analyst and Targeting Course (JCHATC) and the Joint CI HUMINT Management Course (JCHMC).

    The JCHATC is a three-week course that trains leveraging all-source intelligence to conduct Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) analysis, CI/HUMINT Lead Development, and CI/HUMINT Source Validation (Asset Risk Management) to support CI/ HUMINT targeting and analysis at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels and environments. The course concludes with a comprehensive CAPSTONE exercise challenging the students to apply everything they have learned and is set in the framework of a real-world operational unit requiring a student to interact and coordinate with the same organizational elements, entities, and individuals one encounters in the operational environment.

    The JCHMC is a four-week course that covers CI and HUMINT management policy, law, and procedures at the national, joint, and service operational and tactical levels. JCHMC emphasizes Information Technology as it relates to HUMINT management and provides hands-on training of software and communications suites employed in real-world HUMINT operations. JCHMC trains CI and HUMINT coordination and deconfliction with coalition partners, national-level agencies and DOD services, organizations, and units. After each instructional phase, JCHMC conducts a Situational Training Exercise (STX) which trains and evaluates the students’ ability to manage CI and HUMINT activities at the requisite echelons. JCHMC is the required third and final course of the U.S. Army HUMINT Officer (35F) Area of Concentration (AOC).

  • Training Systems

    i3 supports the design, development, installation and training of government owned UAS simulation software, and the development and sustainment of UAS training devices for the US Army’s Shadow, Hunter, Warrior Alpha and Gray Eagle UAV platforms, as well as the US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper UAV. These training devices are accredited by Army and Air Force directorates for use in aircraft qualification courses as well as sustainment and tactical training.

    Our engineers and subject matter experts developed and fielded a government owned tactical scenario development suite of software that leverages 3D Models and Terrain Databases, that come together to provide active duty and reserve units with the nearest real-time virtual training simulations. This same tactical scenario development software facilitates rapid construction of high fidelity, realistic tactical scenarios for trainers and instructors/observers, employing user-friendly interfaces with intuitive menus for vignette design and execution. Government Simulation Software has proven to be a highly effective tool for training UAS crews prior to deployment to conduct combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and other theatres of operation.

  • UAS

    i3, operating in direct support to U.S. Government engineering laboratories, provides engineering expertise in support of the Army’s PM UAS (Technical Management) initiatives related to the evaluation and test of alternate data links, integration of developmental payloads (EO/IR/SAR/GMTI/Hyper-spectral) on fielded systems, and integration/ development of software systems designed to provide additional capabilities to UAS warfighters. Systems engineering efforts involve System Requirements definition, architectural development, risk identification and mitigation, trade studies, and schedule management. i3 provides laboratory-based system-level testing and reporting in preparation for flight tests and plans, executing and reporting on developmental flight activities.

  • Battle Command Technology

    The C4 Engineering Services team has over ten years of experience in all aspects of Army C4ISR and battle command systems engineering, acquisition, and fielding support. The C4 Engineering team members have participated in all aspects and phases of the development and execution of acquisition and fielding strategies for Army C4ISR systems. The C4 team has the full range of engineering and acquisition staff expertise to address the development, integration, test and evaluation, and fielding requirements necessary to address the overall acquisition decision processes and milestones. The C4 team has provided both general acquisition program and engineering staff supporting development of system requirements; source selection; software and hardware development; proof of principle demonstration; integration and interoperability exercises; test and evaluation strategies; and final fielding, sustainment, and training support packages. The C4 team has singular experience in aviation C4ISR system support and platform integration into Army and Joint network architectures.

    The C4 team has participated in all aspects of the Army’s battle command modernization programs keeping abreast of all technical migration strategies, including software, hardware, capability set, software blocking and Joint and Army aerial layer network development. The C4 team members are experts in coordination necessary to ensure synchronization and appropriate forecasting of interoperability requirements for supported systems based on G-3/5/6/7 and CECOM program guidance and milestones. The C4 team has the expertise and experience (over 12 years of continuous Field Services Representative (FSR) support of C4ISR systems) to develop, manage, and execute fielding and operational logistical support insuring successful fielding and effective operational employment of new C4ISR systems.

  • Royal Saudi Naval Forces C4ISR Training

    i3 provides program management and training services needed to establish and execute the required training efforts for Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) C4ISR systems. Training products and courses are developed and provided on the following RSNF systems: Global Command and Control System Joint/Maritime (GCCS-J/M); Naval Modular Automated Communications System (NAVMACS); High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF), and Very High Frequency (VHF) Radios and Antennas; Tactical Data Links (Link-11 and future links); Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS); Network Communications (e.g., Internet Protocol, Radio Frequency, Satellite Communication (SATCOM)); Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI); Visit, Boarding, Search, and Seizure (VBSS); Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); Audio processing Systems (APS); Emergency Radio Systems; Fiber Optic Transport Network (FOTN); Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems; Video display Systems; and Video Teleconference (VTC) Systems.

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