The Cyber, Resiliency, Electronic Warfare Systems (CREWS) Portfolio within i3 is comprised of industry leaders in the realms of cybersecurity, information technology, Risk Management Framework (RMF) lifecycle support, High Performance Computing (HPC), DevSecOps, Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), and Electronic Warfare. Our technical experts have extensive experience supporting operational and RDT&E commands from concept to modeling and simulation, strategic to tactical, design and architecture to assembly & integration and sustainment. CREWS has the experience and adaptability to solve your toughest problems.

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)

    i3 supports full Risk Management Framework (RMF) lifecycle support for achieving and maintaining Authority-to-Operate (ATO) and Authority-to-Connect (ATC) on Unclassified and Classified networks. The i3 CREWS Team performs RMF Assessments for U.S. Army Utilizing the Standalone Information Systems and Closed Restricted Networks BBP (08-DC-M-0010), providing cost savings to the U.S. Army by employing in-house teams instead of costly external teams for assessment work.

    • i3 has delivered many RMF ATOs across multiple DoD Branches and in various network environments (Enterprise, tactical, RDT&E, closed-restricted networks, stand-alone information systems, and Special Access Programs (SAP)
    • Security Control Compliance and Assessment
    • Develop and implement Continuous Monitoring strategies
    • Complete Continuity of Operation (COOP), Incident Response, and Vulnerability Management support
    • All policy, SOP, and supporting artifact generation & management
    • Full-scale eMASS management
    • 3rd party (SCA-V) assessment
  • Enterprise, R&D, Tactical IT

    i3 provides enterprise subject matter expertise and support for a variety of customer environments to include CIO, RDT&E environments and HWIL labs. Our subject matter experts perform duties relating to mission acquisition, business and financial analysis via the Army Portfolio Management System (APMS), enterprise services, and cybersecurity technical and procedural implementation, and information systems administration. i3 provide expertise in implementing the ITIL service management framework to deliver best practices to the organization.

    i3 also provides expertise knowledge in network security engineering, virtualization, organization-wide incident response management, cyber space operations, DoD network operations, software engineering, defensive cyber operations and life cycle support and solutions. i3 engineers provide full-range IT and cybersecurity services including but not limited to the following:

    • Active Directory
    • Virtual Datacenters
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    • Windows and Linux server and desktop support
    • Storage management
    • Single-Sign On
    • Federated Services
    • PKI
    • System Logging
    • Network Engineering and Design
    • Network Monitoring
    • Network Configuration Management
    • Software Development
    • DevSecOps
    • SFTP
    • Patch Management
    • Configuration Management
    • ChatOps
    • TACLANE encryption services for COMSEC
    • Windows Desktop and Server
    • Database Cluster integration and management
    • EMASS
    • ACAS
    • HBSS
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

    The mission of the DoD HPCMP is to accelerate technology development and transition into superior defense capabilities through the strategic application of high-performance computing, AI/ML, networking and computational expertise. i3’s support of the HPCMP is some of the most complex information systems support in DoD interfacing with multiple supercomputers provided by Cray, HPE and IBM. i3 provides architecture and IT services in support of the ERDC Supercomputer Resource Center (SRC). The mission is to provide customers with a scalable, interactive Digital Engineering environment through for high-performance computing, digital engineering, AI/ML, networking and computational prototyping that is not directly tied to the HPCMP, but strictly to cost-reimbursable projects stood up and tracked by the ERDC SRC.

  • DevSecOps

    i3 provides DevSecOps methodology, design, integration and support. Our DevSecOps engineers have extensive experience developing processes, tools integration and automation by building security and testing into projects early to provide customers with safe, secure, working solutions on shorter timelines. We provide full lifecycle services and solutions within System Design, Development, Testing, Technology Integration, Security and documentation. Our efforts include automation, containerization, orchestration, creating repeatable continuous ATO frameworks and Zero Trust Architectures built to be scalable. Our DevSecOps processes enables lower risk and secure IT Infrastructure Operations, software development, monitoring, and management for on-prem, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our understanding and experience of Software Development spans across a broad range of technologies, platforms, frameworks, development methodologies such as Agile, tools, and processes to harness the best solutions that maximize customer benefits. This experience and understanding of Agile, Scrum, Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipeline, and DevSecOps allows our Engineers to adapt and be flexible to customer needs, perform and cover the full scopes of work and transition of work from one methodology to another if needed.

  • Cloud Computing

    i3 provides support in managing, maintaining, and supporting Information Technology infrastructure and services in AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments among others. Our expertise, gathered over years of performance, allows us to create and manage multiple instances of various systems platforms to ensure we meet customer requirements by supporting infrastructure services such as Active Directory, Virtualization, application containers, web services, and many others.

    i3’s Cloud engineers provide expertise in designing and building various cloud environments on AWS and Microsoft Azure among others, including working with services like EC2, ELB, RDS, S3 and Microsoft Cloud Services. In addition, our cloud engineers provide cost-efficient solutions by creating various instances such as backups services, web and application servers, storage locations, and database creations to store customer information securely.

    Lastly, our Cloud experts fully understand and have valuable experience working with Linux/Unix and Windows server operating systems. We leverage DevOps tools in a cloud environment such as Ansible, Artifactory, Docker, GitHub, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Maven, and Sonar Qube. Such experience with the listed DevOps tools allows our Cloud Engineers to achieve our customers’ desired architecture and functionality goals.

  • Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA)

    i3 is providing cybersecurity expertise for the Future Vertical Lift Project Office and assisting in shaping/developing cybersecurity, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Program Protection requirements into the Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation and the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA). These cybersecurity efforts are designed to coincide with the system development and engineering lifecycle, which is currently in the design and modeling phase. Our efforts also focus on the development and application of Supply Chain Risk Management for technical components, parts, materials, cybersecurity engineering, software assurance and program protection in support of the FLRAA.

    As a major component of this effort, we are integrating Army’s next generation EW and cyber capabilities and technologies into system engineering plans and designs. This effort involves comprehensive analysis of the entire FLRAA internal network, individual aircraft (tactical) components, Risk Management Framework (RMF) controls, mission objectives, and performance measures to model out the entire FLRAA system for the purposes of cyber resiliency requirement generation, resiliency trades, and survivability measures.

  • Products (Cyber Tools / Software)

    i3 provides Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) cybersecurity support, accrediting production, test and development networks that support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), Tactical Missiles, Security and Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering and Integration Directorate (S3I), business efforts within S3I. i3 Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) manage all RMF activities documenting the security posture while performing continuous monitoring activities. i3 provides Department of Defense (DoD) commercial organizations DFARS/CMMC compliance and Cloud technology integration.

  • Electronic Warfare

    • Threat Analysis
      • i3 provides comprehensive threat analysis of foreign missile systems supporting multiple foreign materiel exploitation (FME) efforts for the Naval Research Lab (NRL). These efforts involve reverse engineering hardware, software, and firmware of threat missiles and associated systems/equipment to gain a thorough understanding of the missile system functionality and to identify any potential vulnerabilities. The tasks are lengthy and involve: circuit tracing, schematic generation, and circuit, software and firmware analysis. The results of the process and exploitation findings are documented for reporting to the Electronic Warfare (EW) and Intelligence communities. We utilize commercially available tools in addition to proprietary technologies allowing us to perform analysis of the hardware and software. i3 has also provided linguistic (i.e. translation) services as required by projects.
    • Simulator and Simulation Development
      • i3 has subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive experience designing and developing anti-ship missile (ASM) simulators. The simulators are developed from threat hardware and/or intelligence reports for use as a test asset to enable evaluation and effectiveness assessment of countermeasures (CM) developed to defend U.S. Navy ships. i3 personnel have been the designers, developers, integrators, and testers of multiple simulators in the Navy arsenal and thus have the necessary background to aid customers and relevant stakeholders in new and existing ASM simulator capability and functionality. This skillset is leveraged to decompose customer requirements into system requirements to develop specifications in which new ASM simulators can be designed and developed. Having developed multiple ASM simulators and been integral in the testing in the one-of-a-kind test facility at NRL, the Central Target Simulator (CTS), as well as on a specially-fitted Lear jet, the customer benefits with a decreased cost and schedule. While hardware simulators and/or real threat hardware are the preferred method of testing new CM, they are not always available or the most cost-effective method to test. In lieu of hardware, digital simulations are substituted for the respective hardware subsystem. i3 has supported the development of all digital simulations for use in the CTS test facility. Within the CTS is a large infrastructure to various equipment and software including: specialized RF equipment, control equipment, flight table, and custom data visualization and control software. i3 supports the maintenance of the CTS software being one of the original developers.
    • Countermeasure Development
      • i3 personnel have extensive experience providing shipboard EW requirements definition, electronic countermeasure (ECM) techniques analysis and studies, ECM systems design and integration, intelligence data analysis, threat assessment and definition, EW technique and system effectiveness evaluation, and development of EW operational concepts. Leveraging the multi-year, multi-program EW system life-cycle, i3 works closely with the Government customer to development novel solutions to complex EW problems.
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