Flight Training

i3’s level of flight training knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

The i3 Global Flight Training Philosophy

The key to truly Building a Partner’s Combat Aviation Capacity is to focus on the unit, and provide a fully comprehensive range of required training, from initial entry pilot qualification training to advanced multi-ship mission training.

i3 GFT Philosophy

Many flight training programs provide what we consider to be “weapon system qualification”. We relate these partially effective programs to qualifying a group of eleven individuals on the M-16 rifle, and then expecting them to be able to self-organize and execute a squad assault against a fighting enemy. From Day 1 of i3 Global Flight Training programs, we know that we are training a unit. The students are not just classmates…they are squadron-mates who will return to conduct combat and other real-world operations shoulder-to-shoulder with each other. We don’t stop at aircraft qualification. We provide an end-state that is a combat-focused unit, not a collection of aircraft-qualified individuals.

What We Offer

GFT provides international aviation training solutions that assist in Building Partner Capacity to effectively employ military rotary- and fixed-wing fleets. We take pride in our successes developing and executing tailored training solutions to the specific requirements and desires of our partner militaries. We can offer these solutions either in the host country, or at our impressive airbase campus facilities in New Mexico. Our GFT professionals work closely and habitually with the US government security assistance community for Foreign Military Sales cases. Our past performance executing Direct Commercial Sales solutions provides future customers with the confidence to know that they will receive gold-standard training. We are fortunate to offer our second-to-none training programs in partnership with the world’s best providers of aviation sustainment, maintenance training, flight simulators, collective mission simulators, and instrumented live training.

Tailored Training

By working hard to understand the requirements and desires of our customers, we provide a concierge approach by expertly tailoring our training programs so as to focus on those aspects that are most needed.  These solutions can be arranged via Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS.)

  • We have an outstanding record with English Language Training, and provide only the courses or portion of courses that are needed and requested.  ELT scores are a primary guide, and we are certified by the DLIELC for FMS cases.
  • Initial entry flight training includes a tailored IERW (initial entry rotary-wing) or UPT (undergraduate pilot training, fixed-wing).  In our New Mexico facilities, our team offers Bell 206, Cessna 172, Seneca, Tucano, and L-39 jet; aircraft for in-country programs are determined with the customer.
  • Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals for aircrew preparation for follow-on advanced generation fighter training.
  • Aircraft Qualification Courses (AQC) for both modernized aircraft (including AH-64E, UH-60M, CH-47F, and Excess Defense Articles (EDA) (including OH-58D, CH-47D, C-23.)
  • Aviation Maintenance Training for technicians and maintenance managers.
  • Rotary-wing High Altitude and Mountain Environmental Training (HAMET), providing critical power management, aircraft handling, and meteorology training.
  • Crew-Level Mission Training, including air-to-ground gunnery, combat maneuvering, sling load training, paradrop, cargo operations…as desired by the customer.
  • Networked Simulator Mission Training using collective simulator training devices to train on the ground before expending aircraft flight hours during multi-ship operations.
  • Live Multi-Ship (Collective) Training.  The ultimate goal is here – providing the capacity to conduct combat operations as a flight of multiple aircraft.  Can include tactical engagement simulation with a fully-instrumented after-action review (AAR) capability.

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CONUS Facilities

Our substantial facilities are co-located with the Roswell International Air Center (RIAC) in New Mexico. An ideal location for both rotary-wing and fixed-wing training, the facilities include the following characteristics:

  • Campus environment: lodging, dining, classrooms, simulation, flight line
  • Homogeneous one-country, one-squadron class composition
  • High/hot training: Airfield elevation is 3700 feet MSL, with 10,000 feet mountain training within 20-minute rotary-wing flight
  • Ample airspace (Military Operating Areas, MOA), ranges, and nearby Fort Bliss for instrumented mission training
  • Two runways of 10,000 and 13,000 feet length
  • Year around flying weather
  • Safe training and living environment


In-Country Solutions

i3 is proud of the outstanding successes we’ve had providing various training programs in our customer countries, including in hazardous duty areas. We strive to offer tailored In-Country solutions that can include essentially all of the training listed in Tailored Programs. Specific offerings partly depend on the available aircraft (for initial entry training), airspace & terrain considerations, and the chosen maintenance & sustainment support.teamWest


Our programs include a large range of simulation enhancers, and the i3 team features partners who can provide various forms of aircraft simulators and virtual mission rehearsal tools. These systems can range from lower-fidelity but value-enhancing basic laptop-based procedure training programs…to full-motion aircraft simulators as part of qualification and emergency procedure training…to networked collective training devices for multi-ship virtual mission rehearsals. As the ultimate in training multipliers for live-fly combat mission training and rehearsals, we can provide fully-instrumented tactical engagement simulation and aircraft tracking, giving the customer control of world-class after-action reviews (AAR.)



English Language Training (ELT)

i3 provides full immersion English Language Training (ELT) services for International Military Students (IMS). i3 trains IMS who have little to no understanding of English as well as those students who may have a solid ELT foundation but whose highly technical military specialty requires them to have increased English language comprehension skills. English language comprehension is essential to the successful completion of highly technical defense-related training programs. i3 is capable of providing ELT to students in any military career field, especially those related to aviation such as pilots, Weapons Systems Officers (WSO), air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance, and airfield management. ELT services can be provided in i3 facilities in the United States or in a training facility located in the customer’s home country.

Many of our tailored aviation training programs begin with a tailored ELT program, followed by academic, simulator, and flight training. We use ELT training methodologies and techniques blended with tailored personal student and career field requirements to ensure students are successful.

ELT Training Solutions

At i3, we have the capability to provide ELT via three distinct training solutions:

1. The Defense Language Institute’s (DLI) American Language Course (ALC.) The ALC is the standard General English Training (GET) course offered to IMS by the United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DoD). Most IMS attend this course at the DLI campus located on Lackland Air Force Base (AFB) in San Antonio, Texas. i3 is able to offer this ELT solution via a Non-Resident (NR) program in CONUS or at OCONUS locations worldwide. This course consists of 36 Books that align to each student’s entry-level English language comprehension. Each book consists of an instructional package that includes an Instructor Guide, Student Text, Audio CD, Language Laboratory Activities (Interactive Multimedia Instruction [IMI]), and Flash Cards. This training solution is required for IMS that are scheduled to attend follow-on U.S. DoD-sponsored training that requires a minimum English Comprehension Level (ECL).

2. Commercial Language Training. For students who do not require a minimum ECL, i3 offers multiple commercially available ELT solutions. Our Training Analysts will conduct a Training Needs Assessment and develop a tailored ELT solution specifically designed to meet the English comprehension requirements and the technical specialties of the international customer. All of i3’s English Language Instructors are native American English speakers and possess decades of experience teaching to students who speak English as a Secondary Language.

3. Blended Language Training. This solution is specifically tailored to the customer’s needs using both DLI ALC and Commercially available training materials.